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Provide services for the treatment it is recommended to issue a specialized service company "A Synthesis". When ordering services of metal rolling, customers always pay attention to...

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Гибка листового металла

Forming of sheet metal required to comply strictly with the Standards, to use appropriate equipment, special tooling. The manufactured products of the company a-Synthesis offers...

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Bending of sheet metal
Токарно-фрезерная обработка

One of the most important stages in the creation of any detail is the processing of metal blanks. This process is carried out using turning and milling that can be performed on one or on several machines.

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Перфорация металла

Perforation of metals – the process that allows you to produce structural products with new features. The material will remain strong and solid, but it becomes easier, gaining flexibility, volume and surface decorative options.

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Perforation metal
Полировка и шлифование

Polishing and grinding of metals is necessary in order to give attractive look details and decorative glitter. Such an operation allows to remove defects and scratches and restore a particular object.

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Polishing and grinding
Плазменная и газовая резка

To cut through the metal in various ways. The most common methods are plasma and gas cutting of metals. Each technique has its own advantages and the choice will depend on the set outcome goals.

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Plasma and gas cutting
Горячее цинкование

To improve physical characteristics of metal products experts recommend hot-dip galvanizing. This procedure allows to increase the stability of the product to moisture, to protect from negative influence of chemically active components, and...

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Hot-dip galvanizing

With mass production cannot do without the stamping, which significantly speeds up the creation of items previously issued options. Stamping is a special machine, which deform the metal sheets, turning them into flat or three-dimensional parts.

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Резка ленточными пилами

Cutting shall be black and non-ferrous metal forgings, stainless steel and heat-resistant grades. The process is carried out on the band saw machine. For metal cutting it is essential to select modern equipment that meets production requirements and customer needs.

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Cutting band saws

Oxidation or Oxidation – the process of creating an oxide film using the oxidation-reduction reaction on the metal surface. This method is used...

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Nickel is a heavy non-ferrous metals, which was recently opened people, but today is already quite actively used in everyday life. Especially every day gets more and more popular Nickel.

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Nickel plating

The main reason for the loss of initial properties of the treated material is the chemical interaction of their structure, and oxygen. The result is a layer of corrosion that reduces the strength. To solve this problem we need before it arrives. The procedure is performed by chemical oxidation. Technical standards this procedure has another name-synonym – anodizing.

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Порошковая и обыкновенная покраска

Metal painting improves the appearance and operational capabilities. The process should be run in stages, with observance of all requirements and then the result will be perfect. The choice of technology depends on the desired result and characteristics of the metal surface.

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Powder and ordinary painting
Пескоструйная обработка

Currently, metal sandblasting is one of the most high-quality cleaning methods. This method allows the cleaning of the surface from rust, bitumen, fuel oil, sludge, paint and other types of pollution.

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Алюминиевое литье

Cast aluminium metal - types and characteristics

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Aluminum casting
Цинковое литье

Products of zinc alloy used in the different fields of industry and everyday life. Alloys of this material have improved ductility. And this property enables its use to produce castings of complex shapes with thin walls.

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Zinc alloy
Медное литье

Metal copper, in particular casting, refers to the popular services as this material is used to produce parts for appliances and industrial machines, as well as procurement and spare parts that are used in various fields.

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Copper casting
Ковка металлов

To give a required shape and size of metal forging is performed. The process takes place using special equipment is performed by the professionals and has its own characteristics and nuances.

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Forging metals

To obtain certain properties of the metal is further processed, in particular, thermal treatment is carried out . Heat treatment of metal is used either as an intermediate step before rolling, or...

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Heat treatment
Изготовление резервуаров и баков

Reservoirs and tanks - demanded products in the sphere of industry, agriculture and everyday life. They need to store large amounts of liquid.

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Manufacturer of reservoirs and tanks

Metalworking — technological process of changing the shape, size and qualities of metals and alloys. During the technological processes of metal processing by various methods, the shape and size of the metal change, and the physical and mechanical properties of metals.