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Perforation metal

Metal perforation is a process that allows to obtain structural products with new characteristics. The material will remain strong and solid, but at the same time it becomes lighter, acquires flexibility, bulkiness of the surface and decorative parameters. The metal perforation process is carried out by making holes of a certain shape and size, arranged according to a clear pattern.

Scopes of the perforated sheet

The technology is used to create:

  • Parts of the construction of the suspended facade and false ceilings;
  • Enclosures with vents;
  • Radiator screens (all types) for heating;
  • Advertisements;
  • Ventilation grilles;
  • Details of fences, fences;
  • Shelving and display cases;
  • Elements of rainfall runoff.

Recently, custom-made metal perforation of metal has become popular - holes are made in a metal sheet in a certain order to form a pattern. This service is in demand among designers who are trying to come up with an unusual performance.

Perforation Methods

There are only three punching technologies:

  • On broadband punch presses;
  • Laser;
  • Coordinator.

The first method is considered the most effective and economical. The press processes the sheet simultaneously over the entire area, as a result of which a significant number of holes are simultaneously made. A serious problem when interacting with punching equipment is the scarcity of choice - the technology does not provide for the variability of forms, since it takes too much effort to set up the machine. All finished products are standard.

Laser holes receive the most advanced and new technology. The process is comparable to laser cutting - a metal sheet is heat treated. This helps to make holes in the material with the greatest accuracy. All worries fall on the shoulders of the robot system. The operator only needs to download the cutting parameters to the computer.

The last method is the punch coordinator. The sheet moves under the influence of the punch. Initially, the material is fixed on the desktop, the thrust pin is placed at the zero point, and the tack is at the X and Y coordinates. When the stamp starts to oscillate by making holes in the sheet, the fasteners move the sheet, substituting the right places for exposure. The nozzle changes, allowing you to choose the type of "holes". Grips are quite mobile - you can reproduce any form of perforation.

Processing technology is selected based on production requirements. Each of the presented options is unique and has both advantages and disadvantages.

Why us?

The company has the ability to perforate metal in Ukraine, following the individual TK of the customer. The process uses any type of material - stainless, black or galvanized steel, aluminum or other varieties.

The customer can request a perforation field both for the entire area and for a separately specified shape. The number and coordinates of holes on the material are determined by the client, the distance between the centers of the “holes” is determined with filigree accuracy in order to avoid errors. You can choose a matrix of any shape and size (you have to take into account the thickness of the metal).

Perforated metal sheet made by our engineers will last you a very long time and can be used both for decorative purposes and in technological processes in order to reduce the weight of the structure. The durability and functional features of the material remain intact.

Перфорация металла