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Manufacturer of reservoirs and tanks

Reservoirs and tanks - demanded products in the sphere of industry, agriculture and everyday life. They need to store large amounts of liquid. The quality of their production depends on the reliability and duration of operation. In company A-synthesis focus on the ability to produce tanks of any size and duration of operation.

Features of metal containers

Manufacturer of tanks begins with the use of good quality metal blanks. Used for processing plasma cutting. It gives efficiency with high-speed flow of ionized gas. At each stage, quality control is carried out. It allows you to verify the integrity of the product and the strength of obtained welds.

Manufacture of tanks is performed in accordance with the requirements of the client. There are the following options:

  • Horizontal tanks. They are used both for external and underground use. In the latter case, the surface is treated to protect against rust. Steel tanks are used for storage of technical liquids, water or petroleum products.
  • Vertical tanks with cylindrical shape. This multi-function tanks, which can withstand heavy loads and are highly durable.

If the capacity of a metal is mounted on the surface of the earth, it requires additional support. Their strength and number is determined by tank volume and dimensions of the product.

the Scope of products

Thanks to the reliable technology of the products have a wide range of applications. They are the most demanded in the following industries:

  • pharmaceutical;
  • oil and gas;
  • chemical;
  • food.

Installation of tanks and vessels possible anywhere as it requires large volumes of different types of liquids, bulk and gas mixtures. The choice of size depends on parameters and raw materials. The greatest efficacy and safety is achieved by maintaining high standards and project documentation.

In company A-Synthesis can make to order any reservoirs or tanks. The products are of high quality and durability. To start the process of making leave the application on our website or call the employee on the phone. He will talk about the benefits and features of cooperation.

Изготовление резервуаров и баков