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Rolled and shaped metal products

Rolled and shaped metal products

A Synthesis sells these types of metal throughout Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and far abroad. And unlike the Synthesis from other sellers is the delivery and no further processing of the European order and of special steels and parts.

We have a huge range of goods. Rental prices shapes are the most democratic. Our competent managers will advise which products are best suited for Your needs. A large number of suppliers and partners enables us to meet all customer requirements. We will promptly deliver a quality product anywhere in the world.

Shapes in in this section, the company presents a wide range.

These two types of products are produced using same technology.

Long products

It has a simple cross-sectional shape. We sell:

  • square;

  • the
  • round;

  • the
  • hex;

  • the
  • strip.

They find application in all spheres of economic activity. Of them produce parts for machine, process equipment, instruments.

This type of hire does not require the use of special technologies. Manufactured by hot cold riding or broaching. Therefore, it differs affordable price.

The size, shape, deviations, our products fully meet the state Standards. We work with trusted and proven manufacturers. Here you can buy long products at the lowest prices.


This rental is a cut complex geometric shapes resembling the letters P, G, a different configuration. It is designed to create load-bearing frame of buildings or structures, operation of which takes place in normal conditions, or profiles, which are subject to high loads.

Our company offers many products of this type:

  • area;

  • the
  • I-beam;

  • the
  • channel;

  • the
  • steel rails and fasteners.

Shapes of steel used in the construction of various commercial, retail, industrial purpose, the construction of large warehouse buildings, bridges, complex frames. To him there are higher requirements for strength, durability, ability to reliably function under various temperature extremes. In the sector of railway transport rails and components guarantee the safety of movement.

We sell such products at affordable prices. We offer conventional and stainless steel shapes, which includes alloying elements – chromium, manganese, silicon. On the surface of the material forms a film that protects it from rust, premature wear.

With us You can buy basic grade aluminium from leading mills producing sheet, bar, tube.

Product quality is excellent. It is also certified. Characteristics meet all standards.