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Rolled and shaped metal products

Fittings and long products presented in this category, it is popular products with the widest possible range of applications. If you are looking for quality graded and shaped metal rolling, a Synthesis is always happy to help, offering a wide range of products at the most affordable rates.

We are ready to meet any demand in any required volume: section bars and shaped products (metal-roll) will be delivered to your site within 24 hours. Additionally provide free consulting services offered if necessary the execution of works on cutting, cutting, welding, bending metal.

Our clients always receive the full amount of the required consulting services, we help you to find and quickly make metal of any type, saving you time and money. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Rolled and shaped metal products, buy cheap which offers our company, the most sought-after in various industries, production, in agriculture. Products of this type used in construction, housing and communal services, machine - and shipbuilding.

As a fancy and long products are manufactured from the same raw materials, and used the same methods and technologies. Of course, there are certain nuances and aspects related to the future use of two different types of metal, what makes certain adjustments to the production process.

Consider these categories a bit more, drawing attention to their features and main differences.

Graded rolled metal

Metal varietal refers to a simple standard type. To find and select products rolled easy enough for even inexperienced buyer: the cross section of any product of this type is the simplest geometric figure.

Roughly speaking, you can cut the bars and get in cross section round, oval, square, rectangle or hexagon. The main production technologies are hot rolling and cold drawing followed by heat treatment and hardening, if necessary.

For long products the price is largely determined by the type of raw materials used, the dimensions of the products, and also their type. The main types of such metal rolled products are:

·       circles and squares;

·       leaf;

·       tape and tires (bands);

·       hexagons;

·       wire of different type and diameter;

·       fittings (sometimes round, polygonal, specialized) and other products.

Quality long products can be bought relatively cheaply: this is largely due to the relative simplicity of the production process, and low labor intensity of technological operations.

As a rule, ready-rolled steel does not require additional technological procedures associated with bending, cutting, welding, for example. It is used "as is" as "products" for further manufacturing (hexagons, for example, for the production of nuts and bolts) or reinforcing strapping.

On the basis of future scope of graded rolled metal stock, selecting the necessary raw materials. Most varietal products is quite high demands on strength and reliability, so the main type of raw material is necessary additives alloyed heat-resistant steel.

Shaped metal products

This category is much more complex in form and performance of the product. The main forms of shaped rolled metal stock are:

·       I-beam;

·       profiles of different sections;

·       channels;

·       rails of various types and purposes;

·       pipes of different diameters, different thicknesses and different cross sections (including custom).

Contoured metal products – is, above all, the durability, reliability, resistance to deformation and durability. It should be as resistant to wear and tear, corrosion-resistant, keeping their settings and properties in a wide temperature range.

In long products prices are always lower than on shaped, that is easily explainable. The cost of production and the manufacture of shaped metal products is determined by the type and complexity of future products. Often high requirements to the parameters of the rental of this type "forced" to use a complex shape with ribs all affect the final cost.

At the same time, it is worth noting that even high (compared to a straight rental) value does not affect the popularity and demand for structural shapes. No products of this type we would not be able to build complex engineering structures, ranging from skyscrapers and ending kilometers of bridges.

Hangars for aircraft production, rail and road bridges, overpasses, complex highway interchanges, residential and industrial buildings would be impossible, if you do not use shapes.

The main differences

Metal shaped and graded fairly easy to distinguish: in the first case we have complex shape and design of the product, the weight of which is very considerable, but the second is more simple and easy. The main difference is the shape and type of the cross section.

Cutting across the rolled steel you will receive round, square, rectangle, or hexagon. A cross-section of fittings is more complicated: often he looks in the form of "letters" T, N or P. More complex form provide the best rigidity and durability, and the cost of such products will be higher.

If you are going to buy bar stock or structural shapes, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the seller necessary documents and certificates confirming the quality and conformity of products with standards of GOST and DSTU.

Remember that only high-quality rolled metal will serve as long as possible, while maintain all of its operating parameters during the entire operational period. Quality bars and shapes in Kiev, you can always buy from trusted and reliable partner – And-Synthesis.