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Comprehensive services for rolling metal

Provide services for the treatment it is recommended to issue a specialized service company "A Synthesis". When ordering services of metal rolling, customers always pay attention to the optimal ratio price-quality, and timeliness, provided by the guarantee. Professional metal processing is to perform in the production, where craftsmen engaged in operating a processing order.

Undesirable bypassing of intermediaries, the cost of getting a European special steel grades as well as qualified items under the special order, the customers will not have to deal with organizational issues. Experienced engineers will help to choose the right process for any categories of material. The service works as special and rare alloys, a professional will handle any of the categories in a colored, custom hire.

The specificity of the workpiece

This kind of standard manufacturing operations for converting sheet materials:

  1. is Performed without additional heating of the workpieces.
  2. Deforming the metal on the equipment in the direction of the fabric, gives the required parameters for products or semi-products.
  3. will Allow using the drum to the workpiece high precision or completely finished parts.
  4. Using in the production of advanced equipment, advance professionals calculate the cost of rolling the sheet metal, knowing the specifics of technological processes, the sequence of operations.
  5. Experienced professionals advise on the best treatment options, to the rolling of sheet metal to perform in full conformity with applicable Standards, complying with the exact dimensions on the other.
Why service metal order in A Synthesis?

Using advanced technologies, working directly with leading metallurgical mills, "A Synthesis" has experience in precise operations with the standard rental, rare alloys. Performing functional control at all stages of supply, production of metal, artist:

  1. Provides the desired shape of the product, observing the structural internal and external dimensions to the set parameters.
  2. Strictly adhere to process requirements the deformation of tubes, area or covers of sheet steel.
  3. Quickly, but efficiently perform radial deformation of the metal, observing the terms of the order.

Contact us directly to make an application on rolling in Ukraine in our company, which is also flexibility in making optimal decisions. Guarantee the competence, reliability, working effectively with clients in all sectors of the national economy, as partners from foreign countries for partners. With us prefer to work large industrial facilities, representatives of the engineering and also experienced organization engaged in scientific research, experiments.