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Aluminum casting

Casting of metals is one of the main ways of different components. Moreover, some items and products simply impossible to produce by any other method. In principle the technology of this process is not dependent on the used raw materials. The only nuances can be considered the shrinkage of a material. Under the shrinkage means a decrease in the volume of metal during its cooling and the temperature required for melting. These indicators may differ significantly depending on the material.

Differences between die-casting aluminum

This element is a fusible material in white color. It is chemically active, which under normal conditions is a positive quality. Upon entry into the reaction with oxygen, its surface is formed, though very thin, but extremely durable film that does not allow further oxidation of the aluminum.

But here there is another side of the coin. If melting the raw materials in the open air, it generates a mixture of the metal oxides. Thus aluminum casting gets significantly worse characteristics. Therefore, in order to avoid the negative impact of oxygen on the liquid metal, the melting process is carried out in a vacuum environment. It is treated in a completely sealed environment. In modern industry aluminum custom molding is performed in one of three ways:

under pressure;

in Coquille;

in clay-sand casting.

Aluminum casting metal under pressure is different from all other methods and allows to obtain parts with higher strength. Such performance is ensured by the fact that the element affects not only its own weight but also the additional pressure of not less than 70kg/s. the Main advantages of the method is the following:

rapid achievement of the material melting temperature;

accurate filing of required for harvesting raw materials;

possibility of full automation of the whole process.

high-quality parts, due to the impact of fairly high pressure.

Due to this pressure it also increases the speed of the melt and, therefore, decreases the rate of fill. Thus greatly increases productivity. Furthermore, the products thus obtained do not require additional machining. Exceptions can only be cases where you want to drill a hole that is difficult to obtain otherwise.

Features of sand casting

This process is carried out from top to bottom. The promotion of the melt through the runner. The shape equipped with so-called "profit". Make it big enough, given the significant shrinkage of the metal and its tendency to oxidation and shlakobetona. It is also the reason that it is placed as close as possible to the form. In the manufacture of large parts of those profits may be few.

Their function is to eliminate the risk of voids and to achieve the desired density of the product. To obtain castings of good quality it is necessary that the mixture have a high conductivity to prevent the formation of cracks and pores during solidification of the metal. The surface of the part will be the cleaner, the smaller will be the fraction of the used sand.

The advantages of chill casting

The mold is a reusable metal form. Before each filling of aluminium it must be pre-prepared. This process consists of the following:

removal of residual melt from the previous fill to the inner surface of the chill mould;

applying on the inner surface of the protective layer.

if necessary, install the studs.

build molds from composite components.

After conducting the steps above, you can start pouring the aluminum. Next you need to wait until it hardens, and removing the resulting product from the molds. The preform is then subjected to mechanical and heat treatment.

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