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Forging metals

To give a required shape and size of metal forging is performed. The process takes place using special equipment is performed by the professionals and has its own characteristics and nuances.


Forging metal can run hot and cold. Hot forging is done when the metal is heated to a certain temperature, when the metal acquires plasticity. This method is used the most varied tool. The resulting product is subjected, if necessary, and further processed to give it a more aesthetic appearance and beauty. This technique until recently was the only one, but now there's a new method - cold metal forging process.

Hot forging involves the use of special equipment manufacturing — forging and stamping. Also a necessary induction heaters. Artist should have experience and possess certain skills.

When cold forging is a special advanced equipment which greatly reduces costs and helps speed up the process. This technique is suitable in cases when it is necessary to regularly carry a large amount of work with less labor. This production required the presence of torsion and wave equipment.

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