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Flat rolled products

Flat rolled products

Processing of metals with pressure is considered a way to give useful physical characteristics of the product. Sheet metal – flat sheets of steel of different diameter, the main feature of which is width and thickness.

The types of flat rolled metal

There are two kinds of flat rolled products, extruded and unpressed slate. Such material is considered to be one of the most composite building products, which are implemented by wholesale and retail. The material has received great popularity demand due to its decent quality and ease of use. Flat sheet is often used construction inside and outside of buildings. The difference between pressed and unpressed slate is in the method of production, which directly affects the characteristics of the product. If you need flat rolled products, the price can be found on the website of the company.

Extruded product exhibiting the following characteristics - excellent specific weight and reliability make it different from unpressed analogue. But the latter is inexpensive and is used as a structural material. Now you can purchase flat rolled metal products of different dimensions. It is a combination of quality and cost, the scope of use is impressive. The sheet used in the facades of buildings, constructions and structures of various types. The material is environmentally friendly, resistant to spilled influences, long operating life and affordable cost. Unpressed sheet is often used in the construction of walls, vents, sanitary cabin.

Advantages of flat rolled metal

Great advantages of metal:

  1. Wide range of shapes and characteristics. Range of products consists of dozens of names: angles, channels, beams, hexagon. This wide selection allows you to choose specific products for specific purposes.

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  3. Long lifetime.

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  5. Metal is used in construction for a long time, so, based on our extensive experience, such structures can be used for more than 100 years without degrading its performance properties.

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  7. greater exposure loads. They decided to include the mechanical and physical factors.

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  9. all metal products are resistant multi-ton loads for a long time and the temperature jumps.

To buy flat rolled products wholesale or retail, contact the company And Synthesis. The main difference from other is that supply and further processing of the European order and of special steels and elements that are not manufactured in Ukraine. As a client, you get an uninterrupted supply of steel products by the parties in any amount, constantly updated range of products, registration of all necessary documents for shipment from the warehouse, fast delivery to any region of the country.