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Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing: basic methods and technical features of the procedure

In order to improve the physical performance of metal products, experts recommend hot dip galvanizing. This procedure allows you to increase the resistance of the product to moisture, protect it from the negative effects of chemically active components, as well as mechanical stress. The A-Synthesis company offers professional services in galvanizing metal products of various sizes. In their work, the company's specialists use reliable technical equipment and high-quality consumables.

Technical features of the procedure

The mentioned method involves immersing the processed metal in a special bath with molten zinc (temperature about 450 degrees). The thickness of the finished coating, as well as the steps of the procedure, correspond to GOST 9.307-89. The process of hot-dip galvanizing of metal structures includes the following technological measures:

Degreasing the surface:

For this purpose, the workpiece is placed in a container with phosphoric acid, the temperature of the liquid is about 40-50 degrees.


After degreasing, the metal is immersed in a container with an etching solution consisting of an inhibitor and hydrochloric acid (up to 15%). The temperature of the liquid is 30 degrees.


Next, the metal structure is thoroughly washed in industrial water (30 degrees).


The cleaned product is immersed in a bath with a chloride solution (zinc chloride and ammonium), the temperature of which should be at least 60 degrees.


After chemical treatment, the material must be dried. To do this, it is placed in the preheating chamber (inside temperature of about 75-90 degrees). Flows of hot air circulate inside the system, thereby ensuring complete drying of the treated surface.


At high speed, immersion is carried out in a bath with molten zinc, and then the finished product is slowly taken out already with a galvanized coating.

Benefits of working with A-Synthesis

Each of the stages of the production of hot dip galvanizing is carefully monitored by qualified specialists of the company. Professional skills, knowledge and experience allows us to guarantee high quality order execution of any complexity. The procedure is carried out in strict accordance with GOST. The thickness of the galvanized coating is from 40 to 200 microns. The service life of manufactured metal structures reaches 50 years, depending on operating conditions. We are chosen because:

  1. We work quickly and efficiently with products up to 12 meters long.
  2. We create a reliable protective coating with zinc.
  3. We offer favorable prices for services.
  4. We accept orders for small and large wholesale parties.

You can order hot dip galvanizing steel through feedback or by contacting the company’s managers at these contacts.

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