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Anodizing metals

The main reason for the loss of initial properties of the treated material is the chemical interaction of their structure, and oxygen. The result is a layer of corrosion that reduces the strength. To solve this problem we need before it arrives. Specially for this additional processing is performed details. The procedure is performed by chemical oxidation. Technical standards this procedure has another name-synonym – anodizing. The service is provided by our company. The final cost depends on the number of elements is given on processing, and the technology used within the procedure.

Processing methods

The oxide layer is applied to the metal with the use

thermal technologies;

electrochemical method;

chemical engineering;

microarc processing.

When performing chemical oxidation the quality of the process depends on the correct choice of reagent. The procedure is performed using special equipment, is equipped with a separate camera. Inside it maintained a certain temperature, the choice of which depends on the type of materials used. As a rule, the use of the alkaline environment provides for an increase in temperature up to 180 degrees, while the acidic environment reacts already at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Thus, the first variant is characterized by an increased activation energy. After the procedure ends, the oxidized alloy should be washed and transferred to drying.

Electrochemical technology is, in fact, anodizing of metal to order. During processing on the surface of the oxidizable materials distributed positive potential. Thus, a dielectric layer, which has high durability.

The application of thermal technology makes sense when the customer asks for anodizing steel. Other materials, for example aluminium, is not suitable, because in such circumstances they are damaged. The choice of the temperature range depends on what kind of alloy needs to be on camera. The average temperature can vary in the range of 300-1200 degrees Celsius. Processing is performed in an acid medium or in water vapor.

The fourth technology microarc oxidation, is not always allocated as a separate method of processing. Often, it is combined with electrochemical treatment. The difference between these methods is in principle potential distribution on the surface. When using micro-arc technology dielectric outer layer is the third part of the entire surface.

Peculiarities of price policy.

Often clients think that if it is necessary to ensure the reliability, practicality and as a result have to pay. In fact, it is not. Each company in the local market, sets the price at its discretion. The cost of treatment in many cases depends on the number of General parameters.

1. The shape of the part. Than it is more varied, the more difficult treatment. Consequently, the cost of the procedure increases.

2. Kind of coverage. Steel, aluminum or titanium for each account individually to select the technology and materials.

3. The volume of the order. Large customers with manufacturers, decorators and designers, having standing orders from your target audience, additionally discounts.

4. The stated processing time. All orders are executed within the framework of the General queue. But, as necessary, our company is ready to offer expedited processing of metal surfaces for an additional cost.

The cheapest way of processing is considered anodizing (anodic oxidation). After his execution separately carried out chemical oxidation. The cost of the order amounts to 20 rubles per kilogram.

The most expensive solution is micro-arc processing of metal. The reason is the complexity of the process. Especially when it comes to handling articles of irregular shape. In this case, the creation of value is conducted individually, depending on the particular order.

Where can I order the service?

Key factors for the successful processing of the metal products are the competence and experience of specialists. Another important point is the availability of specialized equipment. In house conditions it is impossible to achieve high quality result, because the technological process forces you to adhere to a certain sequence of actions and maintain the operating temperature. With the help of specialized devices the customer gets a machined part, having an attractive appearance and a reliable protection from corrosion.

Cooperation with the company "a-Sintez" have a beneficial impact on the budget of the customer. We have available for prompt delivery across Ukraine. We take in the work of parts of any shape and configuration. If you have additional questions, always ready to advise the customer. We also focus on collaboration with customers on an ongoing basis. Guarantee improved financial conditions for executing orders, regardless of their complexity.