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3 delivery method
Транспортными компаниями Transport companies

You can receive your order in one of the branches of transport companies: • New Post • In Time • Night Express • CAT Delivery of goods can be carried out at the branch of the transport company or by courier to the specified address. The cost of delivery is calculated automatically when placing an order.

Попутным транспортом Passage transport

In the presence of an already placed order and delivery on the basis of pickup, the Buyer can pick up his additional orders by passing transport.

Самовывоз Pickup

Shipment on conditions of self-exporting is carried out from A-Sintez warehouses, own vehicle of the Buyer. The goods under your order will be ready for delivery within 4 hours under condition of presence of sufficient quantity of the goods. Landmark that the order is ready for issue - SMS notification

Method of payment: non-cash settlement
   Payment by bank transfer is carried out:
  • • at the banks' offices,
  • • by transferring funds from your company's current account