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How to glue metal

Quite often there are cases when you need to glue some kind of metal product, but how to glue metal to most people is not known. However, to do this kind of work quite on forces to everyone, most importantly, to know the sequence of all actions in the process.

Regardless of structure and alloy bonding objects made of metal, there are time-tested, and most importantly, reliable way of bonding.

1. First, you must buy a special product for bonding, which, oddly enough, is not available in the Department of building or the household goods and auto parts store. There should be purchased two-component epoxy adhesive, the so-called "cold welding". This means it is better able to cope with the bonding metal products. The kit includes a tool tube with the active substance and a tube of hardener.

2. Prior to bonding, without fail, it is necessary to degrease the bonding surfaces of the product with any solvent, thereby provide better contact between them. If there is rust, it should be cleaned with a wire brush or sandpaper. Only after that should you begin to stick together

3. To do this, mix equal proportions of active material and hardener poluchennuyu mixture should be applied evenly on the surfaces, after which they must be pressed against each other. Typically, the epoxy adhesive hardens within ten minutes, so don't spare at work. After full cure, which is about fifteen minutes, glued items to use as directed.

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