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All about bending sheet metal

Reliable materials - the basis of successful completion of the project and a long service life of buildings or equipment. It is therefore important to pay attention to each step, from design to material and method of making structural elements. Flexible sheet - new method of working metal in which it is given the desired form without the use of welding or other thermal bonding techniques, in other words, this operation allows you to change the shape, leaving the linear dimensions of the former. It does not violate the structure of the metal and thus allows you to create more durable products. This technology refers to "cool" methods of metal working and, as a rule, has the minimum percentage of defective products.

The use of flexible sheet metal

Various products of metal are today integral components of many structures. Today it is a flexible aluminum sheet is used to create fasteners, Doug, shelving and many other products, which increases their stats and allows you to achieve maximum results. In addition, agile is the preferred treatment of the aluminum, as this metal has high thermal and energoprojekty, and this makes it difficult to weld.

Galvanized metal due to its properties, has found application in many fields, for example, in the construction of buildings or engineering it is used for installation of roof, wall coverings temporary structures.

Flexible galvanized sheet is widely spread in the industry and allows us to maintain a high level of corrosion resistance.

Steel also is a well-known metal. Its high practicality and resistance to external influence was widespread not only in the home to cover the roof, but also in such industries as shipbuilding, instrument. Since it is often used for decoration, a flexible steel sheet is an actual way to work with this metal - this technology, in contrast to the welding leaves no seams and looks more beautiful. However, this technology is only suitable for carbon steels of ordinary quality.

Most efficient technology, flexible sheet metal today from such material it is possible to obtain products of different shapes. In addition, this method receive a solid standard elements - metal profiles, the details of the various structures, elements of radio.

The cost of flexible sheet metal

It should be noted that flexible is one of the most cost-effective ways of metal working, despite the fact that it has several advantages, including dimensional accuracy, strength, production speed, high efficiency. Price bending sheet metal depends on several parameters: the type of metal characteristics of the sheet workpiece length type flexible etc.

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