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Professional metal forging

About art forging various metals mentioned already in the sixth century of our era. In those days with this amazing method produced only primitive items for the household, different weapons, and jewelry. Then, the wizard who has mastered forging to perfection was considered to be a true professional. Many believed forging a kind of art form, because in addition to professional skills, it was necessary to have the artistic idea. Special popularity has acquired a forging approximately in the thirteenth century and since then its popularity is only growing. Over time, through forging steel produces all kinds of fences, gates, and furniture and home decorations. In our time, forging has not lost its relevance and is still in great demand. Itself artistic forging are divided into cold and hot. The essence of hot forging involves heating the metal to a certain temperature, after which the workpiece is brought into the desired form. Accordingly, the cold forging is performed without heating the metal blank. All work is carried out by bending the metal manually or using special equipment. In addition, used an angle grinder and welding machine, which is used for the collection of all pieces in one. You can order forged products of any complexity. We have rich and successful experience in the art of forging. Our skilled craftsmen carry out all the necessary work in strict accordance with the drawings of the customer. All our production is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out works of any complexity. Our metal art will help give your interior refinement and attractiveness.

Профессиональная ковка металла