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Who and why we need zinc

Where is Zinc found

Many people are accustomed to seeing in advertisements of various brands of cars information about what their body is galvanized. This inexpensive material is able to create strong barriers which prevent the occurrence of corrosion. This applies not only to cars but also other devices.

Rope galvanized, for example, can last for much longer than his counterpart who has no such quality coating that prolongs life. Zinc can be unilateral or bilateral. The composition may be applied to the core material by dipping it into the melt. The same method of hire. In the end, the metal is almost completely protected from this terrible phenomenon of corrosion. Car bodies that are treated with zinc, are much longer than their ordinary counterparts.

Methods of galvanizing.

Electroplated galvanizing is one of the most common methods of producing a protective coating. Here we are talking about full immersion the main material in the tub. As a result of chemical and physical processes on the surface of deposited zinc. This method of creating a protective coating is used by many well-known automotive companies.

The rope may also be galvanized, but here is the most commonly used is the method of immersion in the bath. This applies to many other similar materials. If a person sees a TV advertisement, which States that the body of the vehicle sold is covered with zinc, you should not immediately trust this information. Maybe he's just well painted and no more.

There is another method of applying zinc to the surface of the body. It does not require expensive chemical or physical treatment. Here it turns out that on pre-prepared metal layer of a zinc paint. In fact, it turns out the most common paint the car, but it will be of the highest quality, and the ability to protect the body for many years from a wide variety of trouble. This method in recent years has become very popular because of its simplicity and cheapness. In the production of cheap mass models it is very urgent. Many manufacturers can state that the bodywork of their car is fully galvanized but in fact it is not. He simply covered with paint. However, this does not mean that this coating is not of high quality. It also helps to protect the body from corrosion.

Кому и для чего нужна оцинковка