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Non-ferrous metals

Цветные металлы

Non-ferrous metals

A SYNTHESIS offers rolled metal of non-ferrous metals and alloys of high quality at the best price at the best conditions in Ukraine.

A Synthesis is a reliable and proven partner, offering high-quality rolled metal in Ukraine wholesale at the most affordable prices. We support profitable and long term cooperation with every customer, regardless of the amount of his order.

Qualitative European service, the professionalism of each employee, the maximum range of ferrous and nonferrous metal products, the competitive price tags – if you are looking for the best conditions in this field, we are always happy to help.

Metal products non-ferrous metals in Kiev from our company is always available in any required extent. The concept of "nonferrous metal" is pretty broadly, this category includes almost all the known metals except iron and its popular alloys.

Why "non-ferrous metals"? This term is used quite deliberately: almost every metal and its alloys in this category has its own unique shade or colour. If we are talking about aluminum, it major colour of the alloys of silver and gray. Copper and its alloys can have shades from Golden yellow to brick red, gold – yellow, red and white.

In the company of a Synthesis always in the presence of rolled ferrous metals in the range. We are ready to meet the demands of both private customers and industrial industries. Warehouses sufficient volume of non-ferrous metal, you can purchase products made from:

·       aluminum;

·       nichrome;

·       bronze;

·       copper;

·       brass and other alloys.

Please note on the classification of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Experts distinguish several main categories that differ in their parameters and properties. Among them we can mention:

·       alloys on the basis of heavy non-ferrous metals (copper, lead, zinc, Nickel);

·       light alloys of non-ferrous metals (aluminium, duralumin);

·       noble alloys (gold, silver, platinum);

·       high refractory alloys (tungsten, molybdenum);

·       rare and rare earth metals (rhodium, lithium, beryllium).

Learn more about the features of one sort or another non-ferrous metal you will always tell our experts.

Features and application of non-ferrous metals

The price of non-ferrous metals is largely determined by their rarity and nobility. The higher the content in the earth's crust of a particular element, the easier and less costly its production, the lower the cost of non-ferrous metals based on it.

Why you may need to purchase the non-ferrous metal in Kiev from our company? Actually, the range and scope of this kind of production is quite high. First of all, the base metals are appreciated due to their corrosion resistance.

Almost all alloys based on nonferrous metals in contact with oxygen in the air and form on the product surface protective oxide film. It prevents the contact of water and material, which guarantees the absence of corrosion. Products of non-ferrous metal are much longer, keeping their properties and parameters in all climatic conditions.

Today, the price of non-ferrous metal in Ukraine is determined by the tasks that use to rent based on it. Sales in this category are large, and the demand for nonferrous metal is growing every year.

The main areas of use are such areas and industries as:

·       construction;

·       the utility sector;

·       aircraft;

·       shipbuilding;

·       the automotive industry;

·       manufacture of furniture;

·       architecture;

·       medicine and pharmaceuticals;

·       petrochemical industry;

·       food industry and so on.

Pure non-ferrous metals of various types are used as additives for alloying. This allows you to improve such parameters of new alloys such as strength, resistance to deformation, durability, resistance to corrosion, ductility.

Why choose our offer

A Synthesis is ready to supply any amount of non-ferrous metal on your construction sites during the day. We ensure competitive prices, we offer additional services such as cutting, welding, bending, cutting products.

Provide consulting services, are able to deliver goods without pre payment – we trust our clients and expect long-term cooperation. Guarantee the exact weight of the rental, provided all necessary documents and certificates.

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