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Copper-Nickel alloys

Медно-Никелевые сплавы

Copper-Nickel alloys

Copper-Nickel alloys are themselves an alloy of copper and Nickel as the main alloying element.

Copper-Nickel alloy is a quite popular type of raw material, which finds most extensive application in modern industry and manufacturing. The basic element of this alloy acts as Cu (copper), main alloying ingredient is Nickel.

Depending on the variety and purpose copper Nickel alloy may also include at different concentrations of chemical elements such as:

·       manganese;

·       zinc;

·       iron;

·       aluminum and so on.

High quality Nickel copper alloy there are two main categories:

·       electrical engineering;

·       construction.

With regard to the scope of application, the alloys of this type is necessary for various fields and industries. Of them are manufactured  responsible components of various chemical equipment and all kinds of thermocouple and heating device.

In addition,  copper-Nickel alloys required for the production of everyday objects (food spoons, dishes, bowls). A variety of measuring devices and rheostats, for example, are composed of the most important parts from such alloys.

You can also note the use in the electrical industry, in the jewelry industry, in the manufacture of coins and medals, of various elements. Accurate chronometers, control devices, springs for different purposes – copper-Nickel alloys for their production is simply necessary.


Copper-Nickel alloy price largely depends on the brand used for the production of raw materials. The main varieties are alloys Mnmc40-1.5 (copper, Nickel, manganese), Mngmt 30-1-1 (copper, Nickel, iron, manganese) or M1.

The first type of alloy is particularly valued in the electrical industry – it is made from the compensation wire. Alloy M1 refers to the universal group and is used for manufacturing conductors of various types, and standard steel and cryogenic equipment.

Alloys of the type Mngmt 30-1-1 different erosion and corrosion resistance. Used in instrumentation, as well as for the manufacture of pipes of condensers and tube sheets in climatic equipment.

The key finished copper-Nickel rolled products are:

·       wire cross-sections from 0.05 to 3 mm;

·       rods of circular cross-section;

·       steel sheets;

·       pipe rolling.

The cost of copper-Nickel alloy is determined by its kind and sizes of hire. Dimensions can be adjusted according to customers ' request, it is possible to perform individual orders for the production according to your designs and drawings.

Copper Nickel alloy, price in Ukraine, which in our company are more than affordable, can be represented as:

·       Konstantinov;

·       melhorou;

·       Manila;

·       Nailbomb;

·       Capela and so on.

The properties of the finished alloys

The price of copper-Nickel alloy is determined by the number and concentration of its constituent components. As noted above, the main alloying element is Nickel. Its introduction to copper improves the mechanical properties of the new material:

·       physical toughness;

·       mechanical strength;

·       flexibility and flexibility;

·       resistance to tearing and bending.

Two-component alloys are distinguished corrosion resistance even in aggressive environments (sea water and so on). If the composition in addition to Nickel there are also additives of aluminium and magnesium alloy will have increased strength.

When adding manganese to improve weldability separate parts of the alloy. High hardness material allows the use of alloys for the manufacture of elements with the smallest details is demanded in the manufacture of jewelry and coins.

The advantages of copper-Nickel alloys

Such materials are characterized by high-quality performance and the main advantages include:

·       high rate of electrical resistance;

·       the ability to resist as long as possible to limit stress;

·       corrosion resistance, possibility of use in acids, alkalis, aqueous solutions of salts;

·       easy processing (cutting, welding) in any state of the alloy;

·       durability (long life products);

·       affordable cost of finished products.

Wide choice of alloys based on copper and Nickel is always presented in the catalog of our company. Experienced staff ready to answer any arising in the process of selecting the issues and advise on features and benefits of either option.

We offer a variety of payment options, ensuring prompt delivery to any region of Ukraine. Work with organizations and individuals wholesale and retail. Guarantee the highest quality of all presented in the catalogue, if necessary, provide certificates of conformity.