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Steel strip

steel Strip

 steel Strip is one of the types of long-rolled steel, which looks like a sheet of steel having a rectangular shape (cross-section). It is used as an independent finished product, and as a billet for further processing. At the present time, there are many new materials, but steel is one of the leading places in the market of metal products in manufacturing according to GOST, as it is a versatile material that is resistant to deformation.   



 Range steel strip is determined: grade of steel used, size, precision rolled.

Methods of production of steel strip are divided into two types, corresponding to the standards GOST 535-88, GOST 103-76:

- hot rolling;

- cold rolling.

Goryachekatny view is popular in production, according to GOST 103-76, determined the basic parameters of the product such as length and width. The steel strip has a different size. Steel strip is: random long, measuring long-dimensional long. Width range from 10 mm to 200 mm and a thickness of from 4 mm to 80 mm.



 Strip steel you can buy in the store from the manufacturer Company "A Synthesis". Company "A Synthesis" positions itself on the market in Ukraine, as a reliable and quality manufacturer, who for many years has proved itself from the best side. In stock you can buy products for any assortment. Affordable price of strip steel is one of the many advantages of cooperation with "A Synthesis". You can buy a strip of steel retail and wholesale. The company is located in Kiev. When ordering automatically calculated shipping cost. Delivery is made by transport companies, associated transport, and also has a way – pickup.


 advantages of cooperation with Company "A Synthesis":

  company offers quality and guarantee durability and strength in relation to their product;

- resistance to corrosion;

- resistance to all types of deformation (compression, bending);

- resistant to weathering, temperature changes, chemical and thermal effects;

- transportability;

- accurate dimensions and shape;

- steel strip – affordable price;

- used in the production of steel of excellent quality, containing manganese, carbon;

- the company offers a range of steel strip  with zinc and without it, and painted products;


 Steel strip is used in various fields such as:

 - in the shipbuilding industry, aircraft industry, machine-building;

- in the construction of roofs, canopy, floors;

- in the creation of angles, channels, gates, wickets;

- in the production of decorative elements of the product;

- in the manufacture of cutting tools;

- manufacture other types of metal.

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