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Steel area

This kind of metal, as steel area enjoys consistently high demand with modern industry, in construction, in manufacturing. This type of rental has an l-shaped cross-section, which simplifies cost of storage, transportation and overall logistics.

Angle steel is easy to weld, cut, chop, it lends itself to any type of treatment. The special shape of the profile guarantees the preservation of high strength in all conditions of operation, and minimal weight allows the area in constructions and buildings with restrictions on weight.

What you need to know before you buy

Today buy steel area is not difficult: our company provides a wide range of such rental at affordable and competitive prices. This kind of metal has its own characteristics that should be considered before purchase.

So, the price of steel area depends on such nuances as:

·        Grade of steel and grade of metal.

Most often for the production area using carbon steel (black metal). This option is most attractive in price, but has some limitations on application due to the low corrosion resistance.

You can choose the options of low-alloyed alloys which have improved strength and reliability, but are more expensive. The most expensive options are made of stainless steel, galvanised or structural with accounting standards and the GOST standards.

·        production Method.

The area of steel you can buy two different varieties. The product can be manufactured by hot-rolled method or by bending a sheet of steel. In the second case, means the use of the steel sheets obtained through hot or cold riding. For flexible operation requires special equipment – bending machine.

·        Precision.

Steel parts you can buy several accuracy classes, including:

·        "A" is the maximum precision of products;

·        "B" – superior accuracy of products;

·        "B" – standard precision products.

Angles, steel grade And have a maximum price and suitable quality. It is important to remember if you plan their use in high-precision constructions and structures.

·        Sizes and dimensions.

On angle steel prices are largely determined by the size of rental and type of cross-section. Please note that the number in the name of the area indicates the flange width in millimeters. Thus there are angle and angle products (with different width edges).

The minimum cross-sectional area may be less than a square centimeter, a maximum of more than 140 cm2. Rental can have dimensional and random length, which allows you to pick it up at any need.

Why is the area so popular

These products are a "Lite version" of profiled pipes – square or rectangular, rolled in various sizes. They are versatile enough option when you need to provide the required parameters of strength, reliability and resistance to external factors.

The steel area is practical and functional, it is easy to handle: welding, cutting, chopping bending. It is virtually impossible to wear, is easy to install, can be used as fastening elements. An important feature is its low weight and more than affordable price.

We offer a wide range of these profiled steel products at the most affordable prices. We provide free consultations, help to determine the selection and answer any questions. You can always count on the professionalism of our managers, individual approach and prompt execution of orders.

Scope of application

Steel area can be used to solve a wide range of tasks. It is used in various industries, in construction, advertising, agriculture, manufacturing. Area are indispensable in the construction and subsequent strengthening of the design of buildings, hangars, engineering facilities. Reinforced steel corners of the buildings can withstand critical load for many years, and they do not require unscheduled repair or maintenance.

The area is used for the reinforcement of concrete in the tallest buildings and structures (monuments, for example). In addition, it is used for tasks such as:

·        manufacture of stairs and floors;

·        production of additional fasteners;

·        manufacture various of furniture;

·        arrangement of openings and window jambs;

·        production of machines and different mechanisms.

·        the construction of large hangars;

·        production of advertising constructions, production of arched structures and so on.

If you are going to build a home greenhouse or a greenhouse – a quality area just will not do. It is necessary for the construction of bus stops, temporary shelters and hundreds of types of various designs.