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Metal-fluoroplastic tape

Металлофторопластовая лента

Metal-fluoroplastic tape

Antifriction metal-fluoroplastic tape – composite multi-layered material used in the units in which it is impossible to use lubrication or difficulty feeding.

Comes in, in fact, tapes or products from it.

Special properties

Metalliferous whose properties allow to work the products without grease, has three layers. Are based on steel strips, which are covered by a layer of brass or red copper. Followed by a porous layer of a powder of porous granules, namechaemykh on the tape, and Teflon filler, a thin film covering the pellets and filling all voids in between them.

Produced in a large enough size range that defines the width, thickness and length of the product.

Metal-fluoroplastic tape IFF can withstand severe loads up to 3500 kgf/cm2 at low speeds, and to maintain their properties in vacuum, liquids, non-lubricating abilities, air or other gas atmosphere, at operating temperatures from -200 to +280 degrees.


Tape from metalliferous widely used in the manufacture of equipment for oil, food and textile industries, aircraft and machinery, energy and many other industries. In particular, the material used for the manufacture of bushings, gaskets, as well as detachable, all-in-one and open bearings. Such products allow to reduce the number of lubrication points in various machines and mechanisms, simplifying maintenance.

Used metal-fluoroplastic tape in Ukraine has a set of unique properties that contributes to its broad application in a variety of conditions. Thus, in certain particularly difficult conditions it is indispensable.

Enabling environment for use of the product can be considered:

- vibrational motion at low speeds and high specific loads;

- movement with a very high specific load and the minimum speed of the slide;

- undesirable application of grease;

- the ineffectiveness of lubricants;

- heavy-duty pad friction regime with a gas or hydrodynamic lubrication;

- the probability of occurrence of the oscillatory instability.

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