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Abrasion resistant steel

Износостойкая сталь

Abrasion resistant steel

The wear-resistant steels include alloys, properties which allow their use in extremely difficult conditions.

Wear-resistant steel is:

- high resistance to abrasive wear;

- resistance to considerable mechanical and compressive loads;

- resistance to friction and slipping.

Steel properties are defined in a special chemical composition, which is subject to change, depending on the necessity of acquiring certain alloy characteristics required for use in specific conditions.

On the market today, buy wear resistant steel in different grades, from a considerable number of manufacturers. Thus, differences between domestic and foreign standards, especially labels, with very similar characteristics, making the selection process of the metal is not quite simple. Therefore, in questions of application and characteristics the selection of highly durable alloys it is necessary to introduce some clarity.

Special properties

The main feature, which is characterized by wear-resistant steel is its ultra-high hardness provided by the presence in the composition of manganese and other alloying elements. Moreover, with the increase in load of a product made from this metal, its hardness and wear resistance increases in the absence of the destruction both on the surface and inside.

In addition, at a very considerable strength, the material loses its plasticity, begins to crumble and is well welded.

Made of wear-resistant steel on ordering can be tempered, which allows to significantly increase resistance, made of parts, almost any options of wear.


The choice of a particularly durable alloy is determined by what conditions and with what intensity will be products from it. Application of abrasion resistant materials allows to increase service life of machinery, tools and all sorts of equipment to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining them in operating condition and avoid downtime.

Wear resistant steel which you can buy with any characteristics, has been used successfully:

- in the automotive industry. From it are the elements of bearings, various bushings, piston rings, crankshafts, other components, is subject to constant stress and friction;

- in the manufacture of road machinery and construction equipment. Of durable alloys are manufactured the excavator buckets, cutting edges and canopies machinery lining elements of gutters and containers, blades and drums of the mixers;

- in the manufacture of quarry and mining equipment. The wear-resistant sheet steel is used for manufacturing bodies of dump trucks, tanks and troughs, the cutting elements of equipment liners drives and so on;

- on the Railways for lining of cars, manufacturing components for the rail sector, and the like;

- in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and logging equipment for the manufacture of components of trailer trucks, cranes, presses, conveyors, ploughs, silos for silage;

in the machine tool industry. Wear-resistant stainless steel has found application in the manufacture of shafts, other components, operating in conditions of high loads and friction;

- in construction, for the formation of various designs, to ensure the reliability of the entire structure. Relevant is the involvement of structural models.

Brand high-strength steels

Choosing to rent, you should pay attention to the fact that many domestic brands are denoted by indices, and foreign labeling does not contain information about the chemical composition.

Wear resistant alloys are divided into:

- grafitirovannye, with a high content of carbon. Such wear-resistant steel plate, also has chrome, graphite and Nickel. Rental is hardening under dynamic loads, and poor machinability;

- ball-bearing related to tool steels. Shown impressive strength, durability, hardness and sufficient toughness;

- manganese, which, in addition to manganese, a fraction of iron, chromium and carbon. The brand allocates the maximum resistance to wear, combined with low hardness and significant durability.

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