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Electrical steel

Электротехническая сталь

Electrical steel

Quality electrical steel is a popular material in the segment of magnetic alloys. It is a mixture in certain proportions of silicon with iron. The material may further include impurities (in particular "harmful" carbon), from which it is desirable to maximally get rid of. At the same time, getting rid of impurities is not always beneficial.

The features and options

Electrical steel (selling these alloys is one of the main directions of our activity) comes in two main varieties:

·        transformer;

·        dinamina.

The first option is used for the production of a variety of electrical components (cores, choke, stators and rotors). Transformer alloys can be sulfide, or mixed nitride. This steel is produced by cold and hot Catania, the main form of strips, sheets, wires.

The quality is influenced by such characteristics as:

·        electromagnetism;

·        isotropic properties;

·        dimensions and sizes;

·        the number of bands;

·        characteristics of electrical insulation.

Steels of this type are manufactured in accordance with GOST-802-58 (for thin sheets) and GOST 9925-61 (for steel coils cold riding).

The sphere of use

Electrical steel, buy in Ukraine which offers a cheap our company is characterized by its parameters, which determines its possible uses. Typically, the alloys of this type are used when working in the presence of varying intensity of magnetic fields.

Than the best electromagnetic parameters has the alloy, the higher its demand in the electrical industry. Alloys of this type must have a certain resistivity and coercivity (the ability to Samarasinghe internal magnetic fields).

The electrical steel has excellent magnetic permeability is largely achieved by a minimum thickness of the strip or sheet, reaching values of up to 0.1 mm.

With regard to the main areas of use, as noted above, this is a work in magnetic fields: the steel used for the production of parts of electromagnets, electric generators, transformers and other electrical devices.

Magnetic cores, regulators, starters, alternating or direct current, the cores of electrical steel use a lot. If the alloy composition is present on a carbon, this material can be welding, that is often the only and necessary solution.

If the equipment has been subjected to severe loads, to enhance the use of steel alloy of Nickel, molybdenum, chromium or tungsten additives.

The main parameters

The electrotechnical steel in such a way that the range we offer, must have certain parameters, the main ones are:

·        Resistance.

Affect the quality and selection of the steel that is used for "containment" of electricity and its delivery to the desired point.

·        coercive Force.

Affect the value and the degree of demagnetization the magnetic field is within a wide range for different types of steel.

·        Permeability.

Defines the "universality" of material for a variety of tasks.

·        Thickness.

Depending on the destination of the elements may be from 0.1 mm and above.  

Where to buy

A material such as electrical steel, is best to buy from reliable supplier of quality products. Only in this case you can count on a broad range and rich variety and reasonable price of steel.

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