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Wear-resistant steel CREUSABRO

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Wear-resistant steel CREUSABRO

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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Delivery forms of CREUSABRO wear steel

Brand Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
CREUSABRO 8000 5–60 1,500–2,500 Up to 8000
CREUSABRO 4800 3-25 1,500–2,500 Up to 8,000

Wear-resistant steel CREUSABRO 4800, 8000

CREUSABRO steels – is a line of wear-resistant materials that stand out for their improved hardness, strength and toughness. Wear-resistant steel markings indicate some differences in characteristics. So, CREUSABRO, grade 4800, which has a wear resistance index that exceeds the capabilities of ordinary steel 400 HB by 50%, is somewhat inferior, in all respects, to grade 8000. This makes it possible to choose a material that will ideally meet certain conditions.

Special properties
CREUSABRO steel has a unique ability to harden during operation. This is facilitated by a uniform distribution of titanium carbides, microcarbides of chromium and molybdenum. Together with carbon, this leads to the fact that high-strength steel sheet, which, when delivered, has a hardness of 200 HN, reaches 600 HN during operation. At the same time, the subsurface layer, which is not subjected to hardening during deformation, is able to fully maintain impact resistance and good ductility.

At CREUSABRO, the price of rolled metal products fully reflects the demand and capabilities of steel. It is used in the production of durable components of structures, machines and equipment that resist wear.

CREUSABRO wear-resistant steels


Yield strength Rm MPa

Tensile strength Rm MPa

Elongation after fracture A %

Hardness according to Brinell











CREUSABRO Wear Steel Delivery Forms

Brand Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
CREUSABRO 8000 5–60 1500–2500 Up to 8000
CREUSABRO 4800 3–25 1500–2500 Up to 8000

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