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Bronze alloy BrOTs 4-3

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Bronze alloy BrOTs 4-3

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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Broc 4-3 Bronze alloy delivery forms

Bronze alloy BrOTs 4-3
tape, strip, rod, pipe, wire, sheet, plate

Bronze alloy BrOTs 4-3

The BrOC 4-3 pressure-machined alloy is one of the most popular zinc-tin bronze alloys. The share of zinc, in the composition of the alloy, accounts for from 2.7 to 3.3%, and tin takes 3.5-4%.
Special Properties
The BrOTs 4-3 bronze alloy is not distinguished by high hardness, strength and corrosion resistance, but has a high yield strength and good elasticity. Electrical and thermal conductivity is characterized by an average level, yielding naturally to pure copper.
Having high plasticity, BrOTs 4-3 bronze lends itself well to cold and hot working. The alloy is used to produce tape, wire, rod, pipe, circle and bronze strip.
The melting temperature of the alloy is 1045 degrees, it is hot worked at 700-800 degrees, and annealed, at 550-650 degrees.
You can buy a bronze wire, tape or circle for use in the production of spring elements in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, equipment components for the chemical industry, contacts for plug-in connectors, welding wire and rods, for various types of manual and automated welding of copper, brass and bronze.

Broc 4-3 Bronze Alloy delivery forms

Bronze alloy BrOC 4-3
tape, strip, rod, pipe, wire, sheet, slab

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