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Copper M1 / Cu-ETP / CW004A

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Copper M1 / Cu-ETP / CW004A

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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M1 / Сu-ETP / CW004A copper delivery forms

UNS C 11000 / DIN 2.0090/ Copper M1

tape, strip, rod, pipe, wire, sheet, plate

Copper alloy M1 / Cu-ETP / CW004A

Metal copper is one of the most demanded in modern industry and production. The use of copper-based alloys is quite wide, due to such technical parameters and characteristics as

excellent electrical conductivity,

good thermal conductivity,

resistance to all types of corrosion,

easy to make

enough low cost.

Copper, which is priced by grade, is completely non-magnetic. It lends itself perfectly to additional processing – bending, cutting, welding, soldering. Alloy uns c11000 is an electrolytic solid copper deposit that is obtained from cathode copper by electrolytic refining.

C11000 alloy copper sheet is regarded as one of the most sought after products in the market. The electrical conductivity of such products is over 100% IACS. In terms of oxygen content, the alloy is similar to the closest analogues, but its degree of purity is much higher. The content of impurities, in particular sulfur, is less than 50*10-6 shares.

phone numbers listed on the website. Experienced managers will answer any questions and advise if necessary.

Chemical composition of M1 copper











to 0.005

to 0.002

to 0.004

to 0.002

to 0.005

to 0.004

to 0.05

to 0.002

to 0.001

to 0.002

Cu+Ag min 99.9

Copper supply forms М1 / Сu-ETP / CW004A

UNS C 11000 / DIN 2.0090/ Copper M1

tape, strip, bar, pipe, wire, sheet, plate


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