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Brass CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

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Brass CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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Brass supply forms CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

Brass CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

tape, strip, rod, pipe, wire, sheet, plate

Brass CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

Pressure-worked brass with a primary alloying component of aluminum is also known as “aluminum brass”. This material compares favorably among analogues in such performance characteristics as hardness, wear resistance and strength.
The price of brass in our company is more than affordable, which is easy to see for every site visitor. High-quality brass in Ukraine in any volume and form you need is always available at A-Synthesis.
Material features
This grade of aluminum brass is characterized by high durability in the toughest and most intensive conditions. It is resistant to frictional influences, which makes it possible to recommend brass for the manufacture of reliable shut-off valves, for example.
The highest corrosion resistance is inherent in the entire category of brass alloys, while this brand in this regard is practically unrivaled . Alloy-based products are usually made using casting technology.
Brass of this brand is mainly used for the production of air conditioning units, heat exchangers, piping systems operated at low temperatures (including under water). Also in demand in the production of elements with high resistance to corrosion.

Chemical composition of brass LAMsh77-2-0.05











to 0.1

to 0.01

1.7 – 2.5

76 – 79

0.02 – 0.06

to 0.07

18.14 – 22.25

to 0.005

to 0.002

total 0.3

Brass supply forms CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

Brass CuZn20Al2 / LAMsh77-2-0.05

tape, strip, bar, pipe, wire, sheet, plate


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