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Lathes metal work

Lathe work - a common way of metal processing. It allows you to create products of the required dimensions and the required geometric shape. Pre-defined and the degree of roughness of the parts.

In the process of turning rotates the workpiece and the cutter. The presence of these two movements allows to create products with complex configurations.

Along with this, turning technology allows to cut a thread, drill, rastakat to sinkerball, deploy, holes, cut off excess portion of the preform and create on the metal surface of the groove of different shape and size.

Lathes are versatile and allow you to work with black, non-ferrous metals. They can produce and the processing of plastics.

The hardness of the tools used in the machines is much greater than the rate of the workpiece. Cutters for turning operations often are made of tool steel, titanium, tantalum, tungsten. For materials of increased strength, as well as for receiving parts that meet specific quality standards, using tools made of ceramic, and artificial diamond. The wide distribution they received by reason of its high cost.

There are several technologies turning operations, and selecting one of them depends on cutter used. The cutting tool may be a cutting, Pesochny, shaped, through, boring, facing. There are cutters and other shapes, but they are used not often.

Metal turning is very popular for a number of reasons. It allows to produce parts of complex shape and high quality. Control over the size of the workpiece is carried out at all stages of work with use of special devices, such as limit gauges, nutrametrix, micrometers.

In addition to the highest quality of parts made on lathes, it should be noted and a small amount of waste. They are much smaller than when using other types of metal processing. The chips formed during turning operations, time compression and re-processing.

On a lathe you have the option of selecting the desired processing technology. It is due to the structural features of the machine and a large assortment of indexable cutting tools.

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