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Welding building structures

Using welding welding methods

You should set rational limits of application of various welding techniques in the construction; to pay special attention to the development of welding; to expand the use of alloy steels in structures; to revise the design methods, taking into account the requirements of welding technology and the dynamic action of the load on a welded joint; process and modify the number of Standards and technical conditions for the design and fabrication of welded structures in various sectors of the economy, to promote the use of gas cutting.

welding building structures

The use of welded structures in industrial buildings in the coming years should increase to a minimum of 80%. This should take into account the use for the building of weldments of low alloy steels.

In addition to those areas in which the welded construction was used earlier, they have to find the distribution:


  • a) in the manufacture of all kinds of welded I-profile beams, tee, channel etc. with the aim of replacing rolled beams shall be manufactured by automatic welding.

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  • b) In all construction parts and elements, manufactured by industrial in large-scale and mass production (runs, small farms, etc.). In these products it is advisable to use stamped elements in combination with contact resistance butt and spot welding.

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  • in) In the construction of blast furnaces. In connection with the transition to welded construction of the buildings of the mines should develop a rational type of latest and technological processes of their manufacture by hand. Should ensure high quality work welded thick-walled cylindrical design, is welded in an upright position at low temperature.

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