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Steel tape and wire feature and application

Steel tape and wire – hardware products universal. They are used:

• in the industry - as the basis for the production of parts;

• in construction - for reinforcement of concrete constructions or durable bonding of the individual elements of construction;

• logistics - for packing goods during transportation.

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steel Tape: features and application

Steel strip obtained by cold rolling of metal. To increase strength, increase lifetime and resistance to negative external factors strengthen the finished product (using the auto-frettage, training) and applied anti-corrosion coating (zinc, lacquer, polymer).

The purpose of the ribbon of steel is divided into industrial (used as the basis for manufacture of metal parts) and packaging.

With the help of steel belts pack following products:

• building materials (concrete blocks, bricks, glass, wooden panels);

• metal products (steel sheets, strips

• pipes of metal and polymer;

• solid products (furniture, machines, tanks).

Cold-worked ribbon of steel can withstand more weight and almost no stretch – they are used in heavy industry, whereas soft used for packing goods of average weight (250-500 kg). In both cases, for fixing and fastening the ends of the tape convenient to use packaging machines with mechanical, pneumatic or manual type.

Steel wire: features and application

The steel wire is produced by passing the base (wire rod) through the drawbench machines. The cost of steel wire depends on its diameter, length and weight.

High quality wire and its resistance to adverse conditions provide:

• Product thickness – it is thicker, the wire is stronger, however, increasing the thickness decreases shibamoto. By modern standards, the wire diameter should be in the range of 0.16-10 mm.

• The presence of anti-corrosion zinc coating - it increases the life of the product under conditions of high temperature or humidity (the wire becomes stainless).

• Annealing (processing high temperature) makes the wire softer and provides excellent shibamoto.

• Use of low carbon steel increases the strength of the finished product.

Used in industry, farm, household and decorative purposes. From wire manufactured wire and cables, cables and ropes, mesh-netting, springs, needles, string and other household and industrial products.

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