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Channels and steel beams - production and use

In the construction of industrial and residential buildings some of the materials needed are channels and steel beams. These metal products are different in the type of production, length, thickness and other important parameters.


Methods of manufacture and types

 Beam steel used in the construction of slabs, columns, construction of bridges, towers, roads. Steel I beam made in two ways — welded or rolled. This design has the most optimal cross-sectional shape for bending. For the common classification distinguishes the following:

·       standard;

·       h sections;

·       bridge with a slope.

The rolling beams can be normal and high precision. They also vary in width and length. Width can be scopolamine, column, standard, srednerynochnye, h sections, with a bias. In the production of beams are marked with initial letters.

Depending on the scope of use, the steel beam may have a different length — dimensional random dimensional. Reliability and practicality is defined by the length, method of fixing, the cross-sectional area and mean cross-section. Sometimes it takes a gain of the I-beam in this case is welded on extra items.

If you are interested in I-beam, buy the design you can have. In this case, consider the scope of use and select the beam according to requirements.


the array of structures

 the Channel in cross section resembles the letter "P" may be different sizes.

First and foremost is to provide a hot rolled and cold rolled. By type of manufacturing can be special, bent angle and bent angle.

Differ in scope. It is possible to allocate three groups:

·       wide application;

·       to the vehicle structure;

·       for car building.

Such metal structures are essential in construction and industry. They are needed for reinforcing buildings, for the manufacture of frames, floors, road surfaces, bridges. They are indispensable in the construction of multi-storey buildings. In this case, they are used in the creation of stairs in the construction of Windows, roofs, as the gain of the concrete mix.

All channels should be made according to GOST. It depends on their quality and reliability can be found in special tables. If you want to purchase high quality and reliable goods buy them only from reliable manufacturers and vendors. We offer our clients only quality products, which exactly corresponds to all requirements and established standards. We offer a wide range of steel products at affordable prices, we provide delivery and give all the necessary guarantees.

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