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There are several varieties of paintings which are produced on different materials. Despite the fact that the metal is quite rare in this decorative art, however, he is the richest material in their properties. Its technical properties and artistic qualities have long been appreciated by masters of painting.

Painting is the oldest craft. Especially prized lacquer painting, which gives the metal its elegance and aesthetics. Art painting is also used to update metal objects. This fascinating art form gives a unique texture vintage products. Long time do not use metal objects come to life as if under a painted pattern.

Thanks to this restoration the items again gain relevance. Many of them adorn the interior, making the original accent. A painting applied to virtually any metal product. Most often, that are enamelled or galvanized items. Certainly in every house there is a frayed trays, metal boxes and other household items.

To paint a good lie down on the metal, the metal surface must be clean. First brush removes contaminants, and then the metal is degreased. With painted products the old paint to remove, otherwise she will flake off. If the items are not painted, they just should be cleaned with a special cloth. At the end on the subject of the applied primer intended for metal.

The painting will look very bulky and very beautiful, if oil paint mixed with gloss varnish. If you want to have a brilliant image, add to paint more varnish. The more the solution will present a lacquer substance, the sleeker and get the picture.

Look great painted products made of brass. The fact that the metal has an unusually beautiful texture. And beautiful color makes the colors warm color. Brass is ideal for painting flowers and geometric ornaments. Picking the right pattern and colors, you will give any noble metal. These products will be evaluated quite expensive because of their view that would fit.

The painting can be done in various techniques. There is a special technique by which the master is just a single brushstroke can obtain several gradations of tones. This makes it possible to obtain saturated dark color, or very light shades. The paint can be applied directly with your fingers, and then with a special brush to thin drawing thin strokes.

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