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The problem of deformation caused by welding

approach to the study of welding problems

Further researches on electric welding equipment should be carried in this direction: study of welding machines and apparatus in the development of scientific bases of designing new systems of welding equipment, mainly the theoretical foundations of design-based analysis of dynamic processes of welding generators; the study of mode parameters of steady combustion and energy balance of the arcs of high capacity, used for intensification of processes of welding; projection welding equipment, especially) multioperator generators, transformers, high power, devices for automatic control during welding, rectifiers, special machines for underwater welding and cutting.

Work electric welding equipment should be carried out in Bauman. Bauman, in the section of welding, Academy of Sciences and at the Moscow energy Institute, involving a special chair in electrical engineering.

the Problem of deformation caused by welding

Research on welding for several years was held at the Central Institute of mechanical engineering (S. A. Gelman), Bauman. Bauman (K. K. Khrenov, N. L. Hagan), the welding Institute, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (E. O. Paton and others.), College of agricultural engineering and other organizations. Many works have been conducted on plants to them. Molotov, and the number of factories of the aviation industry. In the US research on resistance welding has received considerable attention in connection with the use of it in building, automotive engineering and aircraft construction.

Objectives of the study of resistance welding are: development of new designs for contact welding of cars, mostly high power for welding of butt, spot and seam connections by providing automatic control during welding; development of a variety of specialized welding machines and modular installations (for butt welding large cross-sections and different profiles, pipe welding, spot machines portable type, etc.); development of measures to improve the utilization rate of electric energy at contact welding and increase the stability of machines; further development of rational technological processes welding carbon and alloy steels in various profiles and thicknesses; the development of metallurgical processes in the welding of various steels using the contact method and measures for combating the formation of cracks; in-depth study of the mechanical properties of welded joints obtained by welding..

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