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Equipment for metal processing

The metal-cutting equipment

It includes:

machines slitting (disc shear) designed to dissolve in strips sheets and coils. Equipped with a knife transverse cutting.guillotines: mechanical and electro-mechanical cutting of sheet metal thickness up to 2.5 mm., a transverse cutting line for the dissolution of the rolls on the strip or cutting into sheets. The lines are equipped with the transverse cutting device, a decoiler, ASU.

Sheet bending machine (bending machine) - a device intended for the manufacture of profiles made of thin sheet metal using the cold bending method.

Companies offer a fairly wide range of roll forming equipment of leading Russian and European manufacturers. Among them roofing machines, molding machine.

Roofing systems are used to produce standing seam roof with double seam of the rolled material. Most models of machines allows to produce the roof directly on the object.

Forming machine, curve panel, obtained on the roofing machine, arch form.

Machines for production of building profiles made of s-, P-, omega-profiles, profiles, KNAUF and others from sheet metal. The profiles used in the construction of partitions, walls, ceilings, beams, rafters, roof sheathing.

Rolls (three-roll sheet bending machine) - the machine is designed to give a flat metal sheet of cylindrical shape.

Rollers are characterized by the thickness of the processed material, the working length. The minimum diameter that can be bent on the machine, is determined by the diameter of the working shaft.

For metal thickness greater than 1.2 mm are typically used machines with electric drive bending of the shafts.

Creasing machine (zig-machine) is designed for processing edge of the sheet metal. The receive flanging depends on the form of a removable creasing rollers.

Sieg-machines are characterized by a thickness of the workpiece material, depth of flow, the type of drive. The scope of creasing machines - production of drainage systems, ventilation systems, manufacture of shaped products.

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