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Mechanical treatment is a popular method of influence on metal

Metal products are widely used in various industrial applications. To get the detail desired sizes and shapes, metal is machined. The workflow includes the use of professional equipment. Specific treatment method will depend on the quality of the metal and form the required products.

Machining is carried out:

under pressure, when the chip is not removed.

— with the help of cutting, in this case, the chip is removed.

Such processing of metal products is the initial stage for producing the finished products to obtain the desired detail, you need to know the exact dimensions and form.

Treatment should be in specialized shops, where it should be created all necessary conditions: large area and mechanical equipment.

Today there are several types of equipment used for processing metal parts:




— gear hobbing;

— milling.

The workflow depends on the quality of the metal, the surface of the product, accuracy class.


Metal processing turning is carried out through the cutters. Item is fixed to a special spindle, rotating at a certain speed. Such machines can handle cylindrical, conical and shaped product.


To get the workpiece hole of the required diameter, the drilling is applied, where the main role is played by an instrument such as a drill. This method of drilling does not produce ultra-precise processing is poluchennym or rough work process.


Grinding is used when you need to improve the properties of roughness details, as well removal of the metal layer. With abrazivny running laps finishing products. During operation, the billet is strongly heated, the metal is not cracked and has not lost its original appearance, using special coolant.


Milling can be attributed to one of the most interesting methods, the process is carried out through a variety of cutters on the machines. Processing can be of several types:


— shaped;


— a peripheral.

Metal machining with Presov can be finishing, semi-finishing and roughing, resulting in such products as wells, pins, sweeps.

Механическая обработка - популярный способ воздействия на металл