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Laser cutting is also a popular metal processing

Without technological process called cutting, it is impossible to make metal parts. In the process, the cutting tool the master or the operator set the required size, shape. Metal cut and cut, using both modern high-tech equipment, and hand tools.

The types of cutting tool

As the simplest of cutting tools and equipment used:

- metal shears.

- hacksaws for metal.

- electric machine for cutting metal, on which nasazhivajut special abrasive elements;

- "guillotine". Such equipment used in the mills and factories which require to produce items for local use.

Manual or small electric tools for use in small plants. This is usually the company on manufacture of piece goods.

On an industrial scale, using more sophisticated equipment that works on various cutting materials or substances.

Plasma cutting of metal that is used to produce parts made of black or colored. It all depends on what gas is used. Active gases work with black metal. The inactive gases are used when you want to cut out parts from non-ferrous metals. The main advantage of plasma cutting is speed. This method is used in the case of a large order for metal products.

Laser cutting is a technological process that involves working with a laser beam. In the process of cutting the beam precisely and smoothly cut the metal according to the specified parameters. After such cutting does not require additional surface treatment. Possible cutting of parts with complex contour.

Metal cutting with a water jet or waterjet cut metal with a jet of water which fall at high speed. Use of particles of abrasive material desired fraction. This method is used when you need to make a small number of products. Waterjet cutting is a rather slow way of cutting metal. The quality of the products remains high. Moreover, this method can be used when cutting materials that are sensitive to temperature extremes.

In large industries operate computer-controlled machines. The operator sets the parameters of the machine and it automatically cuts the part. This method is used for the manufacture of parts for aircraft construction, space industry, large engineering. Its main advantage is accuracy, and the lack of "human factor" in work.

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