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How to choose paint for metal

Gone are the days when the choice of colours was simple and on the counter in the store was on the strength of two options. Now everything has changed. Today on the shelves you can see many types of paints. Also available a variety of colors. And if you still can't find the right color, you can buy the color or color paint, choosing the color and shade in a special palette, but it can do this only if the store has a special instrument.

Paint on purpose are for the interior and exterior. Also paint different types of bases to which they can be applied. So, there are paints that only paint the concrete; there is paint that is used only for colouring metal; there are paints designed for painting wood. Also, there is a universal paint that can paint almost any surface.

Also, the paint klassificeret depending on its toxicity, adhesion, hygroscopicity, ability to withstand temperature extremes, strength. The composition of the paints are alkyd, acrylic, oil, epoxy, silicone.

Alkyd paint. Paints of this type have good adhesion. But since they are toxic, then the premises they are used very rarely. But for painting metal on the street this type of paint is the best option.

Acrylic paint resistant to high temperatures, has anti-corrosion properties, non-toxic, suitable for internal work and external.

Oil paint. Paint this almost counteracts corrosion, do not tolerate high temperatures. Also, this paint does not opposed to external influences.

Epoxy paint has strong adhesion, non-absorbent, resistant to external influences. But it should be noted that epoxy paint does not like high temperatures and ultraviolet light.

Silicone paint for metal. This paint is suitable only with special additives. But, it should be said that the silicone it can be applied to almost any material, tolerates large temperature fluctuations, prevents fungus.

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