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How to remove rust from metal before painting

Any metal surface before painting requires a thorough cleaning from dirt and rust. This procedure is quite simple and does not require any knowledge and experience. So the difficulty can not be afraid and get to work yourself.

Stages of rust removal

You'll need some materials and tools:

metal brush

a special tool that removes corrosion and rust,

brush or spray gun to paint materials

the paint or varnish.

If the rust has slightly struck the metal surface, you can use a metal brush. With its help and remove traces of corrosion and coated metal with special paint, which protects against re-emergence of rust.

If the metal is severely infected, then the deletion process will take a little more time. There are two ways to remove:

Using a metal brush to clean the surface. For rust stains, apply a rust Converter with spray or small brush. Rust, interacting with the special composition, turns into a hard layer and darken. This prevents further spread of rust on metal.

On metal product causing means, outputting rust. Such compounds not only prevent corrosion, but helps protect the metal and improve the adhesion of paint or varnish with the surface of the metal.

Metal parts small size is enough to wash the rust inhibitor in a small container and clean with a wire brush. To prevent re-emergence and spread of rust after washing on cleaned surface should be applied with special anti-corrosive paint.

Process for the removal of rust from metal items is pretty simple. Not necessarily have special knowledge. Work even for beginner. Enough to make use of these recommendations.

Как удалить ржавчину с металла перед покраской