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The types of furniture made of metal

Many enterprises in engineering their repair and bench areas equipped with high quality equipment. Today to buy a reliable workbench with a vise will not be easy. Different manufacturers offer workbenches that are perfect for various types of works: isibonisi, welding or for rolling grooves. It is designed to meet the growing demand of specialists plumbing. They have a number of distinctive characteristics:

1. equipped with a clamping mechanism for 4-inch pipe ( no need to hold the material by hand);

2. included is the chain that keeps the legs of the bench during the move;

3. the tool tray is of high strength and functionality;

4. increase working area to 40% due to the location of the holes for flexible tubes on the sides of the base;

5. the presence of a pin for grounding.

Modern workbenches are designed to meet the most demanding production work. At the same time, every manufacturer knows, the better the equipment on his land, the better and competitive end products.

The types of furniture made of metal

Along with metal equipment for various industries, production of metal furniture, which is also known for its excellent performance properties. Among them you can find racks, Shoe shelves and cupboards. So for example, a wardrobe with clothes in the hallway will look great and will last for decades. All metal products have a distinctive properties:

1. not subjected to chemical and physical impacts;

2. resistance to moisture;

3. a high degree of protection (can be equipped with additional locks if needed).

Metal furniture can be successfully used in places with high humidity, such as in steam baths or saunas for public use. Metal furniture does not absorb moisture ,so it keeps its looks for quite a long time. Transportation of such products is not difficult and does not require special efforts during installation or dismantling operations. After the regular Assembly/disassembly of metal furniture will look great once bought.

Виды мебели из металла