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Zinc alloy

What is a zinc casting?

Products of zinc alloy used in the different fields of industry and everyday life. Alloys of this material have improved ductility. And this property enables its use to produce castings of complex shapes with thin walls. Zinc casting metal does not react with metal and can not stick to her area. Casting of zinc alloy have a low roughness region, the accuracy of the dimensions. Billets, which are obtained by molding perfectly processed by pressure and by cutting.

Major methods of casting of zinc

In nonferrous metallurgy used a couple of ways to create a casting, and it just may hinder the work of the technologist in particular identify the implementation item. Before you make a productive choice in favor of a specific technology need to understand the following: Selected casting process must respond to the fact that the items will fully meet the regulatory technical and business documents. All characteristics that are inherent in the item will be considered. The use of the chosen technologies should be based on the use of existing equipment and tooling. To obtain castings of zinc alloy use such major types of casting, and moreover it is necessary to take into account their characteristics. For example, a zinc die casting. However, you need to take into account the fact that after casting in the sand will be useful to carry out additional processing of the region because its quality is not as high as we'd like. In terms of production of small lots of elements you should think about casting in a metal mold. However, in this respect, a barrier may be high price equipment.

Centrifugal casting

The result of the improvement of the casting technology has been the emergence of techniques to perform centrifugal casting of zinc to order. The principle of this method of producing castings easy – melt is served in form, which rotate around its axis. There is a technique of horizontal and vertical effects. They are used in order to obtain castings with a huge size. This technology allows to obtain hollow castings, also do not need to use additional devices, for example, of the rod. And the experience here is not required. Casting, which turns on similar technology, has a dense and fine-grained structure of the material.However, the technique is competent to carry out work on this technology was so expensive. Besides, due to number of reasons, particularly, because of the small give shape, probably the occurrence of defects.

die Casting

However, gravity die casting, has a high price because of the increased complexity of its receipt. The increased rate of cooling is the reason, which decreases the fluidity of the melt and it usually leads to a defect. Casting zinc alloy individually under pressure gives the possibility to obtain hard goods with minimized dimensions of the wall. The quality of the products makes it possible to avoid subsequent machining. Such molding is characterized by a level of performance. However, to guarantee you need expensive equipment. In addition, there are restrictions on the size of the molded part. In the metallurgical region in rare cases, carry out the casting of pure metals. Except for a few highly specialized areas, the product of pure zinc is almost isoplzuyut not. Our firm can perform casting zinc alloys and carry out excellent quality casting of various forms of alloys TSAM.

Where to apply?

Main areas of use of CAM — manufacturer of fittings for doors, body of carburetors, pump, decorative details, and metal type letters region. The elements of zinc is very durable and perfectly able to repeat the relief of shapes, for this reason, we are ready to produce a tide with the already applied pattern and small items.

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