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Production of welded constructions

Welded construction has found its application in many fields and industries, engineering and construction of industrial and civil objects. This is due to the good performance and design attributes. In such designs there is a huge demand which is constantly increasing. In this regard, increasing the number of productions that are willing to provide customers with high-quality and popular products.

Technology and features

Welding design differ in purpose. Produce building, ship, bridge and aircraft design. They can also differ according to the method of manufacture and the type of connecting joints. Used in the manufacture of different types of welding — angular, connecting, overlapping, combined. If you want to design a special strength in this case can be used arc welding or electroslag. Special works of art can be called forged metallokonstruktsii. They look presentable and is able to decorate any room or building.

Before you order a design from metal, you need to know about all the benefits:

  • strength;

  • the
  • aesthetically pleasing appearance;

  • the
  • reliability;

  • the
  • ease of use;

  • the
  • practicality and versatility;

  • the
  • affordable price.

From disadvantages it is necessary to mention only one — the susceptibility to corrosion.

If we talk about features, we can note the strength of the connection of all parts among themselves, so the design turns out as strong as possible and resistant to physical influences. Also weldments are not susceptible to adverse weather conditions. Manufacture of steel structures is advantageous because less metal is required than for constructions of a different type. Moreover, the welded joint is very cost-effective.

the weight of the structure is small. But the strength remains at the high level. Alloy design greatly inferior to welded and that is why the latter are far more popular.

Order and purchase

If you are interested in welded construction of high quality, pay attention to a Synthesis. For many years, the company offers its customers design, metal, high quality at affordable prices. Fabrication of welded structures is performed using modern technologies with a special innovative equipment.

One of directions of activity of the company is design of welded structures. In the design taking into account all requirements and wishes of the customer. In the end you get exactly what you need. You can order in the company structures of any complexity, calculations are made individually. The cost of the work depends on the complexity and amount of work.

If you need quality metal welded structure, contact And Synthesis and you will be happy with the result.

Производство сварных конструкций