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With mass production cannot do without the stamping, which significantly speeds up the creation of items previously issued options. Stamping is a special machine, which deform the metal sheets, turning them into flat or three-dimensional parts. Stamping of metal parts is a complex process at the stage of formation of the stamp desired shape which will squeeze out of the sheet metal the desired shape. To entrust this process to professionals in their field – our company "A Synthesis", working in the field of metal processing of various metals and their alloys for 8 years.

Forging metal

Metal stamping is demanded for the creation of various sizes and volumes of semi-finished or finished products. Today, there are 5 main types of stamping metal, of which the most popular are sheet-and bulk.

Forging metals is performed by means of the press, which is put on a stamp of a given size and shape. Compared with standard cutting this method is more economical in the expenditure of metal, and also allows you to:

  • faster to achieve desired metal characteristics;
  • to make a product of any shape;
  • to create a strong and durable product;
  • to accelerate the creation of similar items.

Using this method you are making production parts 3-4 class precision in size and shape, and purity can match the 7th class. Volume punching can be performed without heating the billet to forging temperature and heated, in the second case it turns out to form a 5-7 detail the accuracy class. The workpiece is a steel billet, heated to a certain temperature. This method is used for the manufacture of normalized or original (non-standard) parts such as bolts, screws, rivets, balls, rollers and rings of rolling bearings, shaped nuts of the car and so on. Stamping products custom made this method the most in demand, but the production quality is somewhat worse.

The price of stamping depends on many factors, including:

  • the size of ordered party;
  • complexity of detail;
  • steel grade and type of metal.
Sheet punching metal

Sheet punching is impossible to manufacture a variety of flat and spatial items, for this method a billet is rolled sheet, which is under the influence of the press takes a predetermined shape. This method allows you to quickly produce large quantities of parts with an average accuracy.

Our experts are able to produce professional equipment large quantities of various metal products corresponding to the different technical and technological requirements of production.