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Currently, metal sandblasting is one of the most high-quality cleaning methods. This method allows the cleaning of the surface from rust, bitumen, fuel oil, sludge, paint and other types of pollution.

How does it work? The technology is based on the interaction of abrasive particles with the metal. This requires special equipment — a compressor that creates the optimal pressure. The air flow picks up the sand and sends it on the problematic surface.  

In comparison with other ways of processing the experts noticed the following pros:

cleaning is performed at high speeds;

quickly and carefully removed any contamination.

huge selection of compressors you can choose the suitable model parameters and dimensions;  

for sale is a large amount of components and consumables in order to cope with any kind of work;

the characteristics of such equipment differs from liquid solutions to remove contaminants.  

Our experts will help you to choose the compressor taking into account all the details and also tell in detail what you should pay attention, it is also possible to sandblasting in order:

the work should take place in a comfortable environment, this means that you need to purchase a device of convenient size and weight;

the manufacturer shall guarantee that the tank meets all safety requirements;

extra hose and fittings will reduce performance.

the sleeve shall be not less than 1 inch;

it is desirable that the equipment worked with all types of abrasive: a sand-iron to the fraction;

to enhance security, you can buy a compressor with a fuse, which operates automatically;

pressure vessel requires separate maintenance;

the pressure tank must have sufficient volume.

the operation time at full load of abrasive material can not be less than half an hour;

to optimize the flow of sand is desirable dosing mechanism;  

more than a manhole — the better.  

A Synthesis provides such services as blasting metal — quickly and efficiently. Our credo is reliability, practicality and quality. In 8 years of existence, the customers And the Synthesis evaluated the experience and competence of our employees because each of them came individually.

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