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Powder and ordinary painting

Types of paint

If we talk about the types of painting metal, we can distinguish ordinary and powder. Each has its own characteristics, pros and cons, which when you select should take into account. In the first case, using varnishes and paints, they are applied using a variety of tools — rollers, brushes. If we talk about the stages of training, the following actions are performed:

cleaning from dust and dirt;

degreasing — improved adhesion;

treatment anti-corrosion agents;

if there are deep cracks, they must be luted;



Also apply a mixture for priming. The primer must match the features of the materials. If the metal color, in this case, and the primer must be appropriate. For the black elements selected corrosion primer-Converter, which has the ability to interact with the damaged site and form a shield.

The correct execution sequence provides a high quality final result.

The main advantage is a wide variety of colors, the surface can be both matte and glossy. Also to advantages include the ease of the process, the strength of the layer.

Ordinary is usually performed with hand tools. Important the right choice of paint:

for ferrous metals — suitable oil, applied with a roller or brush;

for galvanized materials — use enamel based on alkyd;

color — perfect paint on a polyurethane or epoxy basis.

For color it is better to use the powder technology. In this case, the layer obtained is uniform and resistant to various influences.

The best option

Powder painting of metal is performed by special equipment with polymeric powder. It has a complex chemical structure that eventually forms a strong and resistant to all kinds of influences layer. This powder does not require pre-dissolution in dye of an active type, which is its distinguishing feature. This technology is often used for processing metal parts, small parts. The price is much higher, but it's really worth it.

The process is performed using a spray gun, which allows you to apply evenly, preventing the appearance of spots and streaks. Additionally is a charge of positive electric charges. This allows the structure to assign a desired pigment, increase strength and to make uniform.

If we talk about the benefits of the main are:

excellent grip;

resistance to various negative factors, including atmospheric;

strength and resistance to physical, mechanical and chemical influences.

high durability and practicality, no deformation even after prolonged use.

hide small defects due to the unique composition.

The mixture should be applied in several layers. This caveat affects the final cost.


Coloration mixtures has its own characteristics and nuances. Besides the fact that it is necessary to use special equipment, you also need to know how to properly apply makeup. The process should be approached carefully and responsibly, to comply with security measures.

It should be noted that when using this technology, the consumption is minimal. Deposition is performed at a short distance, should carefully follow the supply. The fact that it can be blown out of the console with different force, due to the high pressure. Processing occurs in small pieces, it's easier to monitor the quality of application. If you want to get a perfect result, it is better to turn to professionals instead of doing the job yourself.

Where to go?

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One of the advantages of contacting a Synthesis we can mention:

quality assurance;

the use of quality materials;

efficient execution of works of any complexity.

affordable prices for services.

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