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Polishing and grinding

Metallographic polishing and grinding

Polishing and grinding of metals is necessary in order to give attractive look details and decorative glitter. Such an operation allows to remove defects and scratches and restore a particular object.

Grinding details

the surface of the sample is first processed abrasive belt or rotating disc machine. These mechanisms are often fitted with devices for the cooled liquid to provide a cold cutting and at the same time to flush abrasive particles from the belt or disc. Care must be taken to prevent overheating of a part during the stage of coarse grinding.

During the operation rough grinding is recommended chamfering the sharp edges of the sample or sample mount to prevent tearing of the sanding papers and polishing of fabrics during subsequent operations. Excessive pressure when rough grinding forms the deep scratches and increase the depth of disturbed metal on the surface of the sample. This damaged layer can extend from ten to fifty times the depth of the scratches created by the abrasive grain. That is why after this stage comes the turn of the polished metal.

Polishing samples

Of all stages required for a quality sample preparation is perhaps the most critical are those that relate to the actual polishing of the sample.

the Smoothing is best done by using abrasives or slurries of diamond cement. For smoothing on the rotating disk must be used cloth. Diamond compound is usually used in combination with lubricant liquids for uniform distribution of diamond particles on the surface of the polishing cloth. During rough polishing the sample is moved in a clockwise direction around the grinding wheel to provide uniform removal of metal from the entire surface, but avoid prolonged polishing in one direction.

Final polishing

This is done by mechanical means and follows the same procedure used for smoothing. It removes all minor irregularities and to perfection brings the surface of objects. Some materials, especially soft and ductile, require polishing with aluminium oxide.

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