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Plasma and gas cutting

To cut through the metal in various ways. The most common methods are plasma and gas cutting of metals. Each technique has its own advantages and the choice will depend on the set outcome goals.


Gas cutting is the most common method, until some time this technique was used everywhere. Is performed using a gas burner and reducer, metal before cutting is heated to the desired temperature. With the help of this method, you can perform a decorative cutting quickly and without special financial expenses. With the help of special equipment can cut material thickness up to two meters.

Plasma is performed using plasmanate. There is the effect of the energy of the plasma which is two times faster than the speed of sound. The process has high precision and high speed. The quality is too high — no chips, cracks and irregularities. In rare cases, it formed a minor scale, which if necessary can be easy to talk to.

The advantages of gas over other methods:

  • high precision cut shapes along the contour;
  • no vertical bevel;
  • no grata (minimum);
  • no need for subsequent machining.

If to speak about the pros of plasma, here are the following: accuracy and speed;

  • ability to cut all types of metals — ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel;
  • ability to work with material thickness up to 20 mm.

Plasma cutting is more expensive than gas. This is due to the use of expensive equipment, but in some cases without this technique, can not do. Not all companies can order the services of plasma cutting of metal, after all, to perform the work required special skills and experience.

These two methods are in no way competing with each other and it is impossible to say which one is better. Each method has its application. For example, natural gas is indispensable for the performance of dismantling of structures, plasma is irreplaceable in mechanical engineering, aviation — when the process needs to be performed not only quality, but also fast.

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