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Oxidation or Oxidation – the process of creating an oxide film using the oxidation-reduction reaction on the metal surface. This method is used primarily for decoration of the surfaces of products made of metals and for creating dielectric layers.

Distinguish chemical, plasma, heat and electrochemical oxidation of metals.

the specificity of the chemical method of oxidation (also known as bluing or hot/cold blackening) is to use a special solutions and oxidizing agents for surface treatment that improves corrosion resistance of the metal.

metal Processing thermal oxidation at high temperatures and oxygen-containing atmospheres formed oxide film. This procedure is performed in a heating furnace.

the Process by which iron is processed in the furnace rises at a temperature of 300 – 350 °C and is called burnishing. Low-alloy steel blackening occurs at 300 °C, and the processing of alloy steels occurs at 700 °C and lasts an hour. Silicon is one of the most heat resistant metals. For him the oven heating up to 800 – 1200 °C.

Plasma oxidation or micro-arc processing is a method of modification in which the metal at low temperatures is oxidized in the plasma with oxygen. In this way achieve the appearance of oxide layers on the silicon surface.

Electrochemical oxidation or anodic oxidation is carried out in solutions of electrolytes for the formation of the oxide film. The surface of the metal during anodization has a positive charge. This method is used for the decoration of surfaces of products made of various metals and alloys, often aluminum. This technology allows you to buy a surface with more protective and wear-resistant coating.

to protect the aluminum from corrosion, you should select a chemical method of oxidation. He is one of the most affordable ways of treatment.

Titanium and its alloys is treated by anodic treatment, as this metal has low wear resistance. It is important to note that silver and copper is better to choose a chemical method. Special solution gives the ability to change the color of the product when working with silver.

a synthesis will help you choose the best way to handle your metal. Take into attention all your wishes. The materials used for the oxidation of metals of the highest quality, allowing you to perform your job at a high level.