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Nickel plating

Nickel is a heavy non-ferrous metals, which was recently opened people, but today is already quite actively used in everyday life. Especially every day gets more and more popular Nickel.

What is Nickel-plated metal?

Nickel-plated metal not only gives them an aesthetic appearance (they become more shiny and glossy), but also protects against corrosion and external influences on the part. By itself, the element Nickel is more stable and less subjected to various chemical processes. Chemical resistance of this element is due to its tendency to passivation. This is when the surface of the material formed a very dense oxide film that protects it from external influences.

Parts coated with this substance, often used in design, as they look quite nice and stylish, and also in the plumbing, where they often interact with the water and there is a constant risk of rust. Exceptional decorative characteristics have a black Nickel coating. These coatings create by adding to sulphates of Nickel sulphates of zinc, which add a beautiful touch of black metal.

Mechanism of processing Nickel

the treatment is as follows: the product of a particular metal (from allowed to allocate steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, tungsten, manganese) is covered with a layer of Nickel from 1 to 45 microns. The process may not be simple, after all, requires attention, knowledge, sophisticated technology and significant cost. If nickeliron metal will occur a deviation from temperature norms or violation of the loads, the metal on the contrary will be faster to rust. Instead of remanufactured parts, you will get completely ruined. Nickel coating is most often used for machine parts (this increases their lifespan) and poor handling can cost not only of material damage. In nature, there are 2 method of coating Nickel – chemical and electrolytic.

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