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Heat treatment

To obtain certain properties of the metal is further processed, in particular, thermal treatment is carried out . Heat treatment of metal is used either as an intermediate step before rolling, or for completion of the technological process in order to provide a given level of strength, flexibility, hardness and other properties of the product. To bring certain properties to the metal or the finished product are ready in our company "A-Synthesis" should only call us at for more information.

Heat treatment of metals

Today there are many different ways of heat treatment, each of which allows you to add the metal certain properties. Among the main worth mentioning are:

  • annealing;
  • vacation;
  • annealing;
  • cementation;
  • nitriding;
  • aging.

The most popular methods of thermal processing over a large amount of time are: annealing, vacation and training.


Hardening is a kind of heat treatment of metals and alloys, which is heated above the critical temperature, accompanied by changes in the structure of crystal lattice of the metal, are replaced by rapid cooling in one of the environments: water or oil. This method of heat treatment is used to increase the hardness of the surface layer of the product. It is understood that with the increase in hardness decreases the ductility and increases the brittleness.


A vacation is the service of heat treatment of metal, which reverse the hardening process. During this procedure decreases the hardness and strength of metal, but increases flexibility. Vacation is often carried out after hardening to reduce brittleness of the metal. The procedure is carried out slowly: the metal is heated to 150-650 degrees Celsius, then slowly cooled by the air.


Annealing is a heat treatment procedure, during which the reduced level of metal hardness to improve machinability, the correction structure, improving the structure of cast steel and the destruction of internal stresses. Annealing is performed by heating the metal above the critical temperature followed by gradual cooling in the air.

The cost

The price of heat treatment of metals largely depends on what properties should have the metal or the product that determines the type of work performed, as well as the pricing is affected by:

  • steel grade or type of metal;
  • scope of works;
  • shape and size of the product.