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Production of details according to the sizes and drawings

the Manufacture of parts in size and drawings

Rapid parts manufacturing size of aluminum is a popular service in Ukraine. But not all companies offer customers the best balance of quality and value steel products. A Synthesis produces not only supply standard items from the best manufacturers in the region, but also produces quality products custom sizes, at an affordable price. The company accepts orders for manufacturing of details under drawings of the different level of structural complexity and offers high quality metal finished products.

advantages of cooperation with company a-Synthesis

Advantages of ordering elements in drawings

  1. high-Precision production of components. The main objective of the company is to create products, which fully complies with the specifications, settings and sizes.

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  3. Create parts in a short time. Steel output in the period is just as important for the company and customers.

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  5. the Use of robust alloys and metals. The company does not save on materials when creating related products. The composition of used alloys corresponds to GOST, for the manufacture of elements used in the drawings is suitable for its properties the raw material, in the end the customer receives quality and reliable products with a long service life.

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  7. high-Quality surface treatment of finished products. There are several treatment options elements of modern equipment, including polishing and grinding.

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  9. the Use of modern and technically sound equipment. This allows you exactly to do items in a short time and efficiently handle the basis of the finished products.

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  11. strict quality control. Control is performed by engineers at all stages of production to full production.

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  13. in the volume of manufactured products. The company produces as piece parts according to customer's drawings, and in large quantities.

a Synthesis offers a beneficial cooperation. On all questions you can call or leave a request on the website. If you want to know the price of manufacture of aluminium parts according to customer's drawings, on the website is the price list. The main difference of the company is that it supplies and processes on the European and specialty steel and components, which are not produced in Ukraine.

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