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Cutting band saws

Band saw cutting

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal, forgings from stainless steel and heat-resistant grades are subject to cutting. The process is carried out on band saws. For metal cutting, it is important to choose modern equipment that meets technological requirements and customer needs. A-Synthesis is a reliable and time-tested (more than 8 years of work!) Supplier of metal products and equipment for steel processing.

Band saw cutting

Band saw cutting is a type of metal processing designed to produce raw materials from ferrous and non-ferrous metal, the diameter of which does not exceed 25 cm. The cutting element is a steel band with teeth moving along the ring.

Advantages of Band Saws:

  • the cut is neat and clean;
  • high performance;
  • thin cutting width (0.7-1.5 mm);
  • minimum power;
  • ease of use.

How to cut:

  1. Toothed belt moves at a speed of 150 mm / s on average.
  2. In the process of motion and friction, heat is generated, as a result of which the metal melts.
  3. Saws cut metal into sheet blanks.
  4. Despite the fact that cutting metal on a band saw is a highly efficient process, this type of processing is rarely used in large industries. The reason is that in the process of cutting workpieces, there are flows that need to be eliminated - and this slows down the productivity of workers.
How to select a tool for cutting workpieces

The choice of equipment for the manufacture of thin metal sheets of the same shape is carried out on the basis of such criteria:

  1. Steel grade and section range are determined. In accordance with these characteristics, the amount of consumables is calculated and a suitable cutting tool is selected.
  2. The cutting method is determined. For example, with the angular method, the presence of a saw unit on the machine is necessary.
  3. “A-Synthesis” performs metal cutting on two types of machines: automatic and semi-automatic. The type of machine is selected based on what kind of load the equipment will bear.
Band Saw Cutting Service

A distinctive feature of the company is the processing and supply of European-made steels, as well as parts that are not produced in Ukraine. We have all the necessary equipment for high-quality butchering of metal. When ordering a service from A-Synthesis, you free yourself from the long search for a professional contractor who does quality work and at the same time takes inexpensively.

Our specialists:

  • respect geometric accuracy;
  • make metal products of any shape and size (round, square, hexagonal, etc.), including shaped products (channels, corners, I-beams, etc.);
  • Do not leave any burrs, melting or other defects after cutting.

The company's specialists also work with plastic and cast iron. Additional services of the company: laser welding and marking, powder coating, turning and milling, welding of materials. If necessary, draw up drawings or produce a part according to your sketches. The lead time depends on the amount of work. To order a metalworking service or an engineer’s consultation, call one of the numbers indicated on the website or send a letter to the company’s mail.

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